Why You Need a Hydraulic Quick Hitch for Your Busy Farm

If you are in charge of a busy, working farm, you may need to use various items of equipment to tackle everyday jobs. This may call for various attachments to be used that will need to be attached and detached from your machine. As some of these attachments can be very heavy and awkward, you need some assistance, and this is where you should consider adding a quick hydraulic hitch to your machine. What is this device, and what precautions should you take as you work?

Time and Effort Saving

Quick hitches are really handy tools that can save you a lot of time and avoid the potential for injury. Once fitted, they'll allow you to manually change complicated or heavy attachments. As you want to avoid any incidents and keep workers well away if possible, you will be glad to know that this tool will allow the machine operator to load and unload the attachment without leaving their cab.

When you fit the best devices, the operator will be able to see that the attachment is secure and that the locking bolt is also in place. The hitch should also keep the attachment in a stable position even if something untoward occurs or the hydraulic system somehow fails.

Taking Care

Don't underestimate the importance of these devices, and always ensure that you and your key staff are clearly aware of how they should work. If any manual intervention is required (to adjust the locking bolt, for example), a supervisor should take additional measures to ensure that the bolt is secure before any further work unfolds. Each quick hitch should come with its own operator manual, and this should be kept within the machine at all times. If necessary, key personnel can refer to the manual before carrying out any specific work.

Matching with Your Machine

When you search for quick hitch couplers, look for devices that are easily able to withstand the pressure and weight of the machine. You'll find that they come in various sizes and capacities, with lighter-duty models more appropriate for occasional use and heavy-duty units perhaps better for a busy farm like yours.

Keeping up with Maintenance

Also, don't forget that some couplers will need a certain amount of maintenance. Your hydraulic hitch may have a filter system in place, so check that from time to time to keep it in good working order.

Placing an Order

Talk with your equipment supplier to get the most appropriate hydraulic hitch for your operation.