Some Quick Tips for Ensuring Your Lawn Mower is Always in Good Repair

A heavy-duty, quality lawnmower should run for years without needing major repairs, but of course you want to ensure you're doing everything possible to keep it in good condition. How you maintain your lawnmower every year will probably go a long way toward avoiding otherwise unnecessary repairs and replacement of parts, and also ensure that the mower can do its best to cut your grass quickly and successfully. Note a few simple but very important tips for ensuring your lawnmower is in good repair and always working optimally. Read More 

Dog Urinating on Your Rainwater Tank? How to Stop Him

A rain barrel or a rainwater tank is a great way to harvest a bit of rain water for irrigating plants or watering livestock. If you boil or filter it, it can even supply some of your drinking water. However if you have a dog and your dog keeps urinating on your rainwater tank, that can be a little gross. Luckily, there are ways to deter your dog. Take a look at these ideas: Read More