3 Commonly Asked Questions About Zero Turn Mowers

When you're interested in buying a ride-on mower, you can opt for a traditional mower, or you can think about investing in a zero turn mower. Ride-on mowers are typically used on farms and large pieces of land in which the use of a standard push mower is untenable. They offer higher horsepower, greater cutting capability and the ability to get your mowing done in a short period of time. And when it comes to speed and efficiency, zero turn mowers are superior to other ride-on mowers.

To help you understand why, here are some commonly asked questions about these machines.

1. How Do Zero Turn Mowers Work? The words 'zero turn' means the degree to which the mower can turn. Unlike traditional ride-on mowers, zero turn mowers feature wheels that have a 360-degree turn radius.

Each wheel has separate controls, which means that the wheels can work independently of each other, greatly increasing the areas in which the mower can cut without having to use a trimmer. Traditional ride-on mowers only have one motor that controls the wheels, whereas with a zero turn mower, you have two steering wheels that control each wheel.

2. How Does a Zero Turn Mower Cut More Efficiently? One of the most time-consuming aspects of traditional ride-on mowers and tractors is that they can only move in a straight line or side to side. This present real issues when you have to cut in a narrow space such as a garden or around the edges of trees. With a zero turn mower, the independent wheel control allows far greater maneuverability and handling, enabling you to cut hard-to-reach areas without any problem.

In addition, the cutting capacity of a zero turn mower is greater than a traditional ride-on mower because you have a clearer field of vision since the engine is rear-mounted. You also don't have to back up and start a new line of cutting with a zero turn mower. You just adjust the wheels and they can turn 180 degrees to begin cutting another line immediately, without you having to waste time riding back to the mowing area.

3. What Accessories Are Available? You can buy a container or bag to collect grass clippings if you so desire, with options that include a mulch attachment that lets you mix the clippings into the newly-cut earth to promote future growth. You can also attach sprayers to the mower if you want to apply pesticides, snow blowers for winter months and a spreader to disperse fertiliser.

Have more questions? Contact local experts such as North Pine Motors to learn more about zero turn mowers.